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Our Mexican Pigskin Equipal Furniture is a must if you want that True Southwest look. We have the largest and most complete selection of Equipale Furniture. Our Mexican Equipal Southwest Furniture comes in many styles. We have the Mexican furniture Traditional Barrel Low Back Chairs, Barrel Chair High Back Chairs, Hand Painted Desert Scene back chairs and Willow Back Chair and a beautiful selection of Barstools and speciality chairs. We have larger pieces such as Oversize Chairs, Sofas, Love Seats, Ottomans, High Cocktail Tables for Barstools. A large selection of Round and Square End Tables and Dining and Coffee Tables. If we don't have it and you need it we will have it made for you. Spruce up your home or patio using our Equipal Furniture. We have the best quality Equipale Furniture for the best discounted prices.

Equipal furniture has a subtle Southwestern flavor...it blends with any style. Lightweight, extremely durable and remarkably comfortable, use them indoors or outdoors. Please expect some imperfections in the pigskin due to the nature of a pigs daily life. The imperfections actually add character to each piece of Equipal furniture. Our best seller is the Mexican Furniture Barrel Chair.

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This distinctive, handcrafted furniture dates back to the days of the Mexican Conquest, when Cortez accorded "Equipales" as seats of honor to the ranking VIP's. Today they are still being made in the traditional way, from the Estaca (Rosewood/Cedar like) splits and palma frame to the tanned, streched pig skin hide, each piece is a work of art. This is the best Mexican furniture just enjoy it!